trolling system, predator trolling, ghost sideplaner, planer boards, trolling equipment

4 sizes in 2 different weight classes each!

ghost trolling system, trolling system, trolling equipment, trolling bait, sideplaner, planer boards,

For all kind of natural bait (here it´s a flying fish)

Fix it to the system with cable ties!

ghost trolling system, trolling system, trolling lures, trolling equipment, planer boards, planerboards, sideplaner

and of course for lures (mounting with super glue, we recommend Logtite)

ghost trolling system, trolling system, trolling lures, trolling equipment, sideplaner, planerboards, predator fishing

For all kind of lures...

Possible mounting of hooks for offshore trolling... 

ghost trolling system, trolling sytem, ghost fishing, predator fishing, trolling bait, trolling pike, sideplaner, planerboard

Slipping rig (same as trolling system with shovel), hook stays on fish, releases from bait!

ghost trolling system, trolling system, trolling lures, trolling bait, trolling pike, trolling muskie, sideplaner, planerboar

Mount natural bait with cable ties, three possible fixings.

ghost trolling system, trolling system, trolling pike, trolling muskie, trolling equipment, sideplaner, planerboard

Invisible under Water!

ghost trolling system, trolling system, predator fishing, predator trolling, ghost fishing, offshore trolling


There is no more versatile way! We would like to introduce you to the newest Ghost Product here with 4 different Trolling Buckles in two different weight classes each as well as uncountable application areas.

   - invisible in the water
   - the bait moves like a real fish (for all dead bait fish and lures)
   - absolutely stable run
   - bait-friendly system: no loss of bait weight capacity due to
      a sliding leader rig
   - simple and quick mounting (natural bait with cable ties, lures with super

   Application area:
   - Fast trolling over 6 km/h
   - surface trolling
   - also great for casting, ideally with your own hook mounting!

Available in two different versions:

Trolling Buckle without shovel

READY TO FISH (currently only for lures):    
Trolling Buckle without shovel
including hook mounting (BKK high-performance triple hooks) and 100% fluorocarbon leader (Daiwa Tournament SW SHOCK LEADER Type F)

Which Trolling Buckle for which bait?

Please be aware that my recommendations are not carved in stone! The choice of which Trolling Buckle you require as well as the swimming depth depends on the bait weight, line length, line thickness and trolling speed.

The buckle is mounted to dead bait fish with cable ties and to lures with super glue: