bkk spear uvo, bkk hooks, bkk treble hooks, bkk trolling

BKK Spear 21 UVO

bkk spear ss, bkk hooks, bkk trolling, bkk treble hooks

BKK Spear 21-SS (former BKK Fangs 21 SS)

The BKK Spear 21 UVO features BKK’s Orange Ultra Violet (UV) paint that delivers high contrast and visibility, glowing when there is UV light available in the water column. It is equipped with needle-sharp hook points that ensure quick and deep penetration. 

The BKK Spear 21 SS features BKK’s Super Slide coating and needle hook points that will ensure deep and smooth penetration with very light pressure. Size range can suit ultralight micro lures to big pike lures.