How to get your individual perfect fishing equipment...

Trolli Kit      One fits all

The Trolli Kit ensures a stable position in the water in strong winds and high waves. Suitable for offshore trolling (salmon and sea trouts for example).
Easy upgrade on all Ghost Sideplaners (one fits all). Delivery with suitable allen key, quick assembly.

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Arm & Clip    for Sideplaner

- Arm complete
- Clip without arm

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Visible flags  for Sideplaner

- yellow (standard)
- red
- green


For your own setup!
- Sizes:

- super sharp

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Cable ties

- Mini
   1,6x71 mm
   for Trolling System:             Bucket 4
   Bucket with Shovel             6/7/8
- Medium
   1,8x100 mm
   for Trolling System:
   Bucket 3
   Bucket with Shovel 4/5
- Large
   2,5x50 mm
   for Trolling System:
   Bucket 2+1
   Bucket with Shovel             0/1/2/3

Super glue:
(we recommend Logtite)

- 3 g
- 5 g